Updated: 04 / 2019

Thank You For Helping Us Save This 1916 Jeffery Quad

On behalf of the Motor Transport Museum, we thank you for helping us reach our goal! With the help of you and many other generous donors, we will be able to continue sharing the history of the 1916 Jeffery Quad with future visitors of our museum. We invite you to attend our museum's Open House on April 27th and view the Quad, its history and that of the many other vintage trucks we have on display.


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MTM Hours of Operation

The museum facility is open to the public every Saturday from 9AM to 5 PM.
On Wednesday and Friday we are here generally from 10 am until about 4 pm
On these days our volunteer's restoration, office and maintenance work is done
Special arrangements may be made for tours during the week by calling the Museum
at: (619) 478 2492



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